Commercial & New Construction


Whether it's a School, Hospital, Hotel, Mall, Museum or your next company home, no task is too big for our crew. Our plumbing professionals have extensive experience, and detailed knowledge on countless plumbing needs. We are here to serve a helping hand making ideas become a reality. 

Remodels and Updates


From the small fixture replacement to the large overhaul - we do it right every-time! Our team takes pride in providing excellent craftsmanship, efficient time management, and quality results. R Squared will accept your request to upgrade and utilize your established plumbing foundation every time. 

Repairs & Service


Plumbing complications? R Squared Plumbing and Drain will tackle any home or business! You can expect our service team to be professional and courteous. We will gladly pinpoint and work to resolve any issue at hand. Questions are more than welcome, and our professionals will assist and elaborate on the process of the situation at hand, as well as a solution. 

Sewer Line Service


We offer several elements and services regarding  sewer lines such as: Main Sewer Line Repair, Main Sewer Line Replacement, and Main Sewer Line Cleaning. Customers whom are interested in these services can contact one of our locations, and request one of our service professionals. 

Backflow Testing & Repairs


R Squared Plumbing and Drain is educated on: inspections, repair, and service all varieties regarding back-flow prevention devices. Annual inspections are state-mandated for all back-flow prevention devices, and we can make it quick and easy. Our back-flow crew is orderly and productive, making back-flow situations secure, safe, and trouble-free. 

Camera Locating Equipment & Option


Our team can visually inspect sewer lines and other underground pipes with our camera locating system. This allows us to determine the condition and shape of hard to reach pipes meticulously in real time. This gives our crew an opportunity to give you an exact explanation as well as en exact solution to a permanent fix.